domingo, julho 10, 2011

Você já ganhou uma música?

Eu já!
Vou ter que repetir a foto. E vocês vão entender o porquê...

Pretty lady of la rivière

A friend sent me your picture
He said dude looks like she suits ya
I was there all mind blown
Thought of making a song

Some brown eyes, so warm coat
Standing there by the river
Enjoy your life
South American girl

I was looking at your beautiful hair,
Trying not to despair,
After a time i realized
The Eiffel Tower was there!

Some brown eyes, so warm coat
Standing there in Paris
Enjoy your free life
South American girl

[chorus 2]
Your shining smile is all I look at
In my times of sorrow
Things around here don't look so bad
When your picture is there

Please, please, do me no harm,
Look at the river behind you
Please, please, tell me I'm right,
And be my pretty lady of la rivière

(João Paulo Maldonado) 
Obrigada, querido! Adorei! :) 

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